To help others live a better life

Protecting people and their loved ones against the unforeseeable, and helping them to lead a happy healthy life without worrying about their finances

Hello, my name is Nick Blanchard, a local business man who has lived and worked in the Hampton area for 30 years….. Those of you who know me will already be conversant with my community involvements, such as Park Run and Twickenham Rugby (off pitch, not on I’m afraid!), and my general lust for life.   As an independent financial advisor, my aim is to bring the fun factor into the finance world, by offering financial advice and protection with a difference:   

FUN at our meetings:

No dread, No waffle, No ties allowed!

I care about finding the right mortgage and protection for every individual so that you can get on and enjoy life. Instead of long boring formal meetings over cold cups of tea, my meetings are SHORT, SHARP and FUN.   I’ll LISTEN CAREFULLY to find out exactly what you need and then go away to do my research.  When I come back, I’ll present back my recommendation in plain English for a package tailored exactly to meet your needs.


FUN while you enjoy our products:

Let’s face it, not many people think insuring themselves is fun

But with many of the products I offer, it can be!  While you enjoy the peace of mind of being protected, you can also, with the right lifestyle choices, benefit from many rewards such as reduced gym membership and cinema tickets, keeping everyone healthy and happy.