Simple & easy Spring health hacks

spring health hacks

It's the moment we've been waiting for - the lighter mornings, the longer days. We're finally turning our backs on Winter and jumping into Spring.

Spring is a great time to make some easy changes for a healthier you. Today we're sharing some easy health hacks - think small changes, big results!

Switch up your exercise routine

There's no excuse now - with the whipping Winter wind behind us it's time to get outside. Whether incorporating a brisk walk into your daily life, going for a sundown run, or doing some circuits in the park - Spring is the time to take your fitness outside, and reap the benefits of exercising outdoors.

spring health hacks

Cut down on carbs

We're not suggesting you cut down on carbs altogether - it's more about being smart about what carbs you do eat now that Spring is here. We no longer need to help ourselves to comforting heavy food now that Winter is behind us. Instead, focus on eating good carbs like ancient grains, wholegrains and pulses for the carbohydrate element of your meals.

Go flexitarian

While the beginning of the year was all about going vegan, Spring is all about a more balanced approach of going flexitarian. Forget any extremes - this is all about a new way tof eating that minimises meat consumption without excluding it all together.

By adding new foods to your diet as opposed to excluding any, you’ll discover a range of health benefits that make you feel amazing from the inside out. Think flexible + vegetarian.

spring health hacks

Ditch the sugar

Did you know that swapping out sugar from your daily life is not as scary as you think? It can be as simple as simple as using date nectar in your cooking and baking, or sweetening your tea and coffee with Stevia instead. Reducing your sugar intake will help you have more energy during the day, and that's what Spring is all about!

Snack savvy

Grazing on healthy foods can actually help to keep your blood sugar steady? It's known to be a much better way of controlling your weight than skipping meals or snacks. The key is to be smart about what you're snacking on. Try snacking on bell pepper sticks dipped in hummus, apple topped with peanut butter, yogurt with berries and a sprinkle of chia seeds or how about roasted chickpeas?

spring health hacks

Get covered

Spring is a great time to get on top of all your life admin. We spend less time feeling apathetic and more time actually doing.  Why not use Spring's can-do attitude to finally look into getting that health care insurance sorted that's been languishing on your to-do list for an age? If you don't know already, here are some great reasons to buy health care insurance.

Use this Spring to be prepared for whatever might be round the corner for the coming year. Whether it be taking out health care insurance, life insurance, critical illness or income protection - contact Nick Blanchard at Contego Life today to help you find the right cover.

Talya Stone