5 reasons to buy health care insurance

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Is buying health care insurance on your list of to-do's this year? Deciding whether to buy health care insurance can be a difficult thing to do, and if it's something that has been on your mind now for a while, today we're going to take a look at the reasons to buy health care insurance:

Good health can't be guaranteed

As much as we don't like to think about, the odds are not in our favour. One in three of us will suffer from cancer at some point during our lives, but only around one in ten of us have private health care insurance. 

When the time comes, private health care insurance helps to protect our health by giving FAST as well as stress-free access to high-quality medical facilities and the most up to date treatments at a convenient location to you. That peace of mind that brings can be absolutely priceless.

Supporting early diagnosis

As wonderful as our NHS is, it is hugely overstretched, and things can often fall through the gaps. Private health care insurance helps to fund the cost of early diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions - anything from a few sessions of physiotherapy to complex major heart surgery or the latest treatments for cancer.

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Immediate diagnosis and treatment

There is nothing worse than the anxiety and frustration of being stuck on a waiting list and having to wait many weeks and moreover months for a consultation, diagnosis, treatment or assistance with recovery - which is usually the case when being treated under the NHS.

Private medical health insurance removes the uncertainty and worry of waiting lists giving you immediate access to the very best in medical care at a time and place that suits you, providing you with the reassurance of a quick and full diagnosis. That looks pretty good when you place that against the worrying fact that one in six NHS patients are misdiagnosed, doesn't it?

Moreover you can also expect the range of treatment on offer to be a lot wider than what is likely to be offered when relying on state treatment. Let's not forget the fact that many treatments are not available on the NHS at all because they are too expensive and have not been approved for use.

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The power of choice

While the NHS does come with a limited degree of patient choice, those choices can often be limited. Under private health insurance, you have access to hundreds of private hospitals in the UK, as well as the freedom to choose where and even more importantly, when they are treated.

You also have the power to choose a consultant who will see you consistently through your treatment - which really is worth its weight in gold. Last but not least, for those that value privacy, you can also choose your own private room for any hospital stays.

Top notch standards of care

Anyone who has been treated by the NHS knows first hand that standards of patient care and hygiene can vary widely. With private health care insurance you can expect extremely high standards of patient care and hygiene without fail.

If you don't already have private health care insurance, you might decide it's time to take some out to have better quality, more immediate and more flexible care - as well as peace of mind.  To find out more about private health care insurance why not get in touch here. In the meantime, don't forget to access our free guides here.