What if your health care insurance rewarded you for being healthy?

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Being healthy should be easy....but is it really? The truth of the matter is, whilst many of us have good intentions, the reality is we all need a bit of motivation to stay healthy and fit. Yes we all know that we should be eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, drinking in moderation and the like. These are all the things that can help us live a long and healthy life afterall.

But the bottom line is this: clean living is hard.

Towards a happy and healthier life

But what if your health care insurance rewarded you for being healthy? For making healthy choices and sticking to them in life?

Well the good news is, that you can be! Imagine taking out a health care insurance policy which applauded you for being healthy, rather than focusing on you being sick. That's exactly what you get with the Vitality Healthy Living Programme.

As well as an award-winning cover, with Vitality you get something back when you get active, make healthy choices, and track your activity. You get rewarded for your efforts, and get bigger rewards from a range of Vitality partners including Apple Watch, Amazon Prime, Starbucks, Ocado, British Airways and more - making it even more rewarding to stay healthy.

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So how does it work?

When you join Vitality, you automatically start with Bronze status at 0 points. From there, you earn points by completing various actions to get you onto the next status level - so that's Silver, Gold and Platinum.

For example, to help you get onto Silver Status (800 points) you could take a fitness assessment in a Virgin Active gym, track your activity with a linked activity tracker, or declare yourself a non-smoker as part of your Health Review.

Then to help you progress onto Gold (1,600 points), you could buy healthy food at Ocado, complete a mindful activity with a Healthy Mind partner three times a week, or get your teeth checked. And so on, until you work your way up to Platinum (2,400 points).

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It's always nice to hear success stories from a happy client, so let's hear from one who is enjoying all the benefits of the Vitality Healthy Living Programme:

"My wife and I reached Vitality Platinum in three months! We had been looking to change our life insurance for a while and went looking for Nick as we knew of his links to Vitality. Our business is health and well-being now, but we came from a background of not being healthy or well; we are all works in progress.

We saw all of the benefits and the positive potential of accumulating points, like linking Ocado orders to our account to save on healthier food. Points available from meditating a few times a week; from doing a parkrun on a Saturday; from getting a health check; from setting 90-day goals on the Vitality website and reaching them.

We teach our fitness and nutrition clients that small, consistent changes add up over time. We’ve just received our six-month Vitality Value statement and discovered we’ve saved almost £600 by living healthier lives and this didn’t include the 50% saving I’d made on running shoes or the 75% saving we had received on a spa weekend at a Champneys resort.

Best of all, it’s inspiring us both to stay healthy. I’m now training for a 300-mile London to Cologne charity bike ride this September, which is something I would not have thought possible (or, dare I say it, desirable!) this time last year... Link here for any kind souls who would be happy to spare some change for a fabulous cause!!

So, happy clients would be an understatement. Not sure Nick is always ‘head-hunted’ like my wife and I sought him out, but he’s worth every penny. We value his service and he is always easy to contact if anyone has questions about accumulating points and getting the most from their Vitality membership."

To find out more about how you too can discover the benefits available with Vitality contact Nick Blanchard at Contego Life.

Talya Stone