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To Help Others Live Better

Protecting people and their loved ones against the unforeseeable, and helping them to lead a happy healthy life without worrying about their finances

Hello, my name is Nick Blanchard, a local business man who has lived and worked in the Hampton area for 30 years….. Those of you who know me will already be conversant with my community involvements, such as parkrun and Twickenham Rugby (off pitch, not on I’m afraid!), and my general lust for life.   As a Protection Adviser at Contego Life, I’m on a mission to put some life into the finance world, by offering protection with a difference:   


"You'll know Nick Blanchard if you've met him. It might be at The Stoop, watching his beloved Quins, or at AFC Wimbledon, or perhaps at the Bushy parkrun on Saturday morning.….You will also know what kind of man Nick is: the kind, generous enthusiast with a lust for life, the proud family man for whom the glass is always more than half full, the supportive, positive, life enhancing friend. There is no side to Nick, no angle; he is honest and genuine and consistently exhibits that rarest of modern traits: he sees the best in people. I would trust him with anything and am proud to call him my friend"

- Adam Fahey 2018

LIFE at our meetings:

No Dread, No Waffle, No Formalities

I care about finding the right protection for every individual so that you can get on and enjoy life. Instead of long boring formal meetings over cold cups of tea, my meetings are SHORT, SHARP and LIVELY.   I’ll LISTEN CAREFULLY to find out exactly what you need and then go away to do my research.  When I come back, I’ll present back my recommendation in plain English for a package tailored exactly to meet your needs.


LIFE while you enjoy our products:

Let’s face it, most people find insuring themselves pretty boring

But with many of the products I offer, it doesn’t have to be!  While you enjoy the peace of mind of being protected, you can also, with the right lifestyle choices, benefit from many rewards such as reduced gym membership and cinema tickets, keeping everyone healthy and happy.




Health Insurance

Protect yourself

When you are unwell, take control and get back to enjoying life as soon as you can.

Instead of waiting for our over-stretched NHS to take care of you, our health insurance provides many immediate benefits, including:

  • GP access by phone

  • Prescriptions over the phone

  • Consultant referral and fast access to hospital treatment


Life Insurance

Protect your home

Make sure that in the event of something happening to you, that you don’t leave a financial burden behind for your loved ones.

Our protection products give you peace of mind that your home will be safe, so that you can make the most of life now.  Some of our products can even help you win a wealth of offers and rewards, such as heavily discounted gym membership and complementary cinema tickets, to help you do just that!


Critical Illness

One Less Worry

You may be protected in the event of death, but how will you afford to live if you suffer from a critical illness?

You can’t predict what’s around the corner, but whatever happens there will always be bills to pay and you may incur extra costs adjusting your lifestyle.  Our cover ensures these costs are the last worry on your mind, so you can make the most of life


Income Protection

Protect your Lifestyle

Afford the things you want in life with an income you can rely on even if you are sick or injured and unable to work.

If the unexpected happens and you are unable to work, you could find yourself struggling to get by.  Our protection safeguards your income even if you are unable to earn it.






Have you considered Health and Life Insurance Staff Incentive Programmes?

Our health and life insurance promotes healthy lifestyle choices, by incentivising and rewarding your staff. This can have a positive impact on them and also on your business bottom line.

With peace of mind that they are protected, employees can enjoy the benefits of our insurance reward schemes from the start. Helping you develop a healthier, happier, higher performing workforce and gain a better return on investment in your staff


I’m not your usual kind of financial advisor.  I spent much of my career running the family Mailing House business from 1979 – 2015.  There, I took great pride in looking after our staff to create a happy workplace, with high employee engagement and low staff turnover. But as the market changed and people moved to email marketing, the business gradually declined to become one of the last mailing houses in the country.  Eventually the difficult decision was made to close and lay off our last 10 employees.  This was probably the most testing moment in my entire career.   

During this challenging period, I realised people need a safeguard from changes outside their control.  In need of a new direction, this led me to the protection industry - a business that allows me to help people manage uncertainty and take back control.

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Nick was so supportive and helpful when I was looking for life insurance. All actions were implemented quickly and Nick helped us get the most from the benefits offered by Vitality. Nick believes in developing genuine relationships with his clients and rather than any hard sell focuses on solving problems.
— J. Gould

Nick listened to our needs and found us the perfect life insurance policies we could ask for, helping us through the process and following up on a regular basis. His friendly & efficient approach has resulted in two happy clients who would recommend him every time.
— Barnsley Wellness Centre

Nick has been extremely helpful when we needed his help for my health insurance. He is very knowledgeable and always tries to go the extra mile to help customers get the best type of service: totally recommended!
— Silvia Del Corso

From the very start of the process Nick guided me through the Plan and answered any questions I had. He provides a very personal service, tailored to our needs and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. A delight to deal with.
— Power Family

Nick did help me when I was looking for health insurance. I did subscribe through him and I can’t recommend him enough.
Great guy, great service!
— Agnes Gaudron

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